How To Buy The Things You Need With Your
Ivy Tech Debit Card

Making Purchases at Stores
Whether it's groceries at the supermarket, dinner at your favorite restaurant, computer supplies at the office supply store or a new pair of jeans at The Gap--use your Debit MasterCard® to pay for it. It's easier than writing checks and you can save your cash for other things - like vending machines. To make a purchase, swipe your card at the checkout, choose "credit" instead of "debit" and then sign the receipt. If you choose credit, the transaction is processed through the MasterCard® network and you'll avoid unnecessary PIN fees. Don't worry, whether you choose "credit" or "debit," the purchase is deducted from your OneAccount, and will not be billed to a credit card.

Make a Purchase Online
If you want to buy something online from places like or, use your Debit MasterCard® just as you would a credit card. When the online merchant asks for your card number, use the number on the front of your Ivy Tech Debit Card. If you need to provide a 3-digit security number, look on the back of your card and use the last 3 digits of the number that's printed inside the box where you signed your name.

Simplify Your Life. Set Up Recurring Payments
- Perfect for cell phone and more
Wouldn't it be great if you could set some money aside to pay bills, and then somebody else writes the checks, buys the stamps and stuffs the envelopes for you? Well, that's pretty much how it works with automatic bill payment. Just call or check online with the company or service provider to find out if they offer recurring bill payments with Debit MasterCard®. If they do, you can pre-authorize automatic deduction of recurring payments from your Ivy Tech Debit Card. Automatically pay recurring bills like monthly cell phone and cable bills! You can stop automatic payments at any time, or use this way to pay indefinitely.

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